Thursday, January 15, 2015

Our Christmas 2014 in Bangkok 23rd - 28th December

We decided that this was gonna be a relaxing trip, to just take some time off our business to recharge.

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Here are some pictures of the freaking awesome apartment we had to ourselves in BKK.

Guess how much per night? :)

Only $39 SGD for each night!

This is one of the best places I've stayed in Bangkok. 

Excellent location, right smacked in the middle of Siam area.

Within 3 mins walking distance to National Stadium BTS. 

In fact, we could even walk to MBK, Siam Square and Siam Paragon.

All thin 5 to 10 mins walking distance. 

Shall let the pictures do the talking....

Waiting for our lunch before we checked in our luggage.

Super tired and I dozed off shortly after, couldn't help it.

We checked in to our beautiful room at The Seed Memories and were 

warmly greeted by the friendly security guards on duty. 

Left our luggage and belongings and hurriedly went out in search of our first meal. 

It was already kinda late when we left our room, and we found ourselves 

wandering off to the Siam Square area for a place to eat. 

Eventually settled down at See Fah Restaurant for our first meal.

Dry noodle with Pork and Seafood. Of course, with my favourite Cha-Yen (Thai Milk Tea).

After dinner, we took a stroll along the streets of Siam Square 

and I was really taken aback when I stepped out of the restaurant.


Like 21 degrees. DAMN SHIOK.

Most of my previous trips were always scorching hot and humid so,

it was a rather refreshing experience for me to be here during the cold season.

Next day.....

Ban Mee Ka Moo (Pork Leg Dry Noodles) 40 baht

I know that everyone raves about the Famous Soi 19 Wanton Mee and Braised Pork Leg, 

but seriously, that stall is becoming overrated in recent years. 

It was pretty good back then, but ever since bloggers and tourists started recommending it, 

I supposed the increased in crowd and business got to their heads and they started 

charging exorbitant (by local standards, it is very expensive) prices for their food. 

If you ask me, I think that their standards have dropped drastically. 

In fact, I now find it mediocre as compared to other places which sell 

much tastier Wanton Mee and Braised Pork Leg. 

Only tourists go to the "famous" Soi 19 Wanton Mee because of the hype. 

You can walk into this Soi 19 Wanton Mee stall and easily hear Singlish being spoken, 

because most of the customers are from Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. 

I know because I always hear 3 types of distinct accents in the shop.

Namely Singlish, the Malaysian accented chinese, and Cantonese by the Hongkies. 

For me, I would always try to avoid places that Singaporeans frequent. 

Simply because Singaporeans are suckers for hype. and I hate to queue for overrated stuff.

Just look at this madness.

Personally, I think Bangkok has one of the best variety of amazing street food, besides Taiwan. 

You can literally buy food from roadside stalls and still be amazed at how delicious it taste. 

Of course, some food ain't for those with weak stomachs.

We did some shopping after lunch, and before we know it, it was already time for dinner. 

Time really flies when you are on holiday. 

We left out shopping bags in our apartment and headed out for dinner near the riverside. 

I'm really lucky that my wife is Thai, and she never fails to bring me to nice places 

whenever we are in Bangkok, places that the locals dine at. 

If you aren't a local, you definitely wouldn't know of such places to eat.

We had dinner by the riverside, literally. 

And it was freaking cold that night. 

We still chose to sit outdoors, just to take in the panoramic view of the 

night landscape while we had our quiet alfresco dinner.

Beautiful scenery of the riverside.

We had a wonderful seafood meal that night, and just chill out after dinner.

Som Tam (Papaya Salad) with Crab

Gang Som Cha Aom Kai Goong

Some kind of spicy soup with Egg and Prawns

Pa Merk Pad Kai Kemp (Fried Squid with Salted Egg Yolk)

Steam Garoupa in Soy Sauce

Oysters Salad

The entire meal cost around 1000 baht, approximately $40 SGD, 

I think that's probably why Singaporeans like to holiday in Bangkok. 

Besides the great shopping, the cheap and tasty food is one of the greatest draws.

Next day....

We had breakfast at some random street food stall near our apartment the following morning. 

Simple meal to start the day, and yet, equally satisfying.

We-fie :)

This has gotta be my all time favourite Thai dish. 

I would always order this whenever I visit Thailand. 

There is just something different in the way the Thai people cook this dish, 

especially the ones along the street. 

You just have to order this dish from those roadside stalls. 

No where else does it better than these street food hawkers. 

Crisp on the outside, juicy and moist on the inside. 

Kai Jeaw Moo Sap (Omelette with Minced Pork)

Ka Na Moo Gob (Kai Lan w/ Crispy Roast Pork)

Feeling full and satisfied, we left for Terminal 21 for more shopping. 

And here is a picture of Bass carrying my shopping loots. 



Terminal 21 - one of our favourite shopping haunts in BKK.

It was Xmas eve that day, and we already made plans to 

have a nice Xmas dinner at one of the famed steakhouses in BKK.

 Lucky for us, we managed to make reservations for two at El Gaucho, supposedly an 

Argentinian Steakhouse, reputed to be one of the best places for steak in BKK. 

Thankfully, it didn't disappoint us.

I would definitely recommend this place to friends who want to have a nice romantic dinner. 

There are outdoor and indoor sittings to choose from, and both allow 

diners to enjoy the night view of the Sukhumvit area.

Meat selection on display.

My damn cute polka dot pull-over :)

My beautiful girl enjoying her Lobster Soup

I'm already uploading the photos on my Ipad while waiting for our food to arrive.

My Rib Eye steak. All 350g of it.

Looks damn tantalizing right?

Super huge piece, but I should have ordered the 500g instead.

It was so damn good thatI could easily finish another.

The girl's Kurobuta Pork

And of course, not forgetting dessert! :)

Chocolate brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream

Just look at her expression...

Xmas kiss for my love :)

Vanilla shots on the house.

This is so damn good, I downed two shots of this.

Took a train back to our apartment after our hearty Xmas dinner.

The bill came up to about 5000 baht, approximately $200 SGD. 

And if you ask me, it is totally worth the price. 

Food was awesome, nothing Argentinian about it though. 

But it was really so good, that I could still feel the taste of the steak 

linger on in my mouth even after we reached our apartment. 

Definitely return to this place for steak in future.

Supposed to meet up with a friend from Singapore after our dinner, 

but alas, we couldn't decide on where to meet up for drinks, 

so we ended up heading back to our apartment for a quiet lazy night.

Next day was spent shopping at Platinum Mall, looking for cheap and good buys. 

Usually we will spend a couple of hours there slowly weaving through the 

seemingly endless rows of shops. 

But I guess we got sick and tired of Platinum Mall after all the previous trips here, 

so this time, we kinda just glanced and walked through the shops.

Bass met up with one of her blog readers.

We left Platinum mall shortly after, heading to Siam Square 

to check out the new mall and Hello Kitty Cafe. 

Had lunch at Som Tom Nua, also one of the popular food haunts recommended. 

It used to be better, the first time Bass brought me here. 

Seems like their food standards have also dropped with time.

Gang Som Moo (Spicy & Sour Soup with Pork)

Som Tum Moo Yor (Papaya Salad with Pork Sausage)

Fried Chicken Wings

I still think the best fried chicken in Thailand is the one from the street food stall just outside Central World.

Cha Yen (Thai Ice Milk Tea)

Hello Kitty Cafe at Siam Square area

We didn't have time to try out the Hello Kitty Cafe this time round

 as there was a queue and I totally hate queues. 

If you are keen to try, do avoid weekends. 

Go on a weekday afternoon and you most probably won't even have to queue at all. 

Shall try the next time we are here during Songkran this year.

The rest of the afternoon was spend exploring the new shopping mall at Siam Square.

Didn't really buy much stuff, and we ended up just strolling around, 

just chilling and people watching. 

We eventually crossed over to Siam Paragon to shop for baby clothes for Bass' elder sis. 

We saw quite a lot of pretty clothes for kids in Platinum Mall, and 

we talked about our plans for kids and how we were going to dress them up. 

Then we somehow arrived at the conclusion that boys were more adorable :) 

We then randomly decided to find a place to have Mookata. 

Seems like Google knows everything, and within a few moments of fiddling with my phone, 

I found Pla Thong Mookata, apparently one of the more popular local Mookata places in BKK. 

Super easy to locate as well. 

Alight at BTS Victory Monument and walk straight on for about 100 meters 

and you will easily spot it at the side of the road. 

This is a buffet style Mookata. 159 baht per pax, which is equivalent to $6 SGD. 

Must take selfie before eating.

Wide variety of spread to choose from.

Needless to say, we ate our fill and even had difficulty heading back to our apartment.

One of the most value for money meals in BKK. Definitely be back here for Mookata.

The next day was spent shopping at Union Mall and meeting up with Bass' good friends.

Bass and her friend, Aojo.

We had lunch at one of the eateries in Union Mall, together with her friend, Aojo.

Good to see her again on this trip. I remembered the last time we saw her,

 the demonstrations and mob was still going on in BKK.

Supersize Papaya Salad with Crispy Pork Skin

Gai Yang (Grilled Chicken)

This is da freaking bomb.

Forgot what it is called, but this fried pork is damn good.

Met up with another of her good friend, Ee Mam :)

We left Union mall at about 7pm, as we had to rush back to our apartment to 

change and meet Bass' friends to party later that night. 

Had to travel all the way to Mahachai, which was quite some distance 

away, about an hour's drive from Siam area.

Didn't really take much pictures for the night as we were all having a great time partying. 

Shall let the pictures do the talking :)

Having a great time with her bestie, Mayada

Mayada and P' Aong, thanks for the awesome party! :)

We will be back for Songkran and we shall party again! 


Woke up the next slightly after 2pm, and we slowly made our way to Jatujak Weekend Market. 

This time round, the weather was so much better, not scorching hot. 

Still bearable because it was the cool season, plus we went at about 4pm. 

It was also our last day in BKK, before we left for Chiang Rai for the next 10 days. 

All in all, it was a great trip to BKK this Xmas, and a really refreshing 

experience from our previous trips here.

Ending off with a picture of us! :)

Shall update on our Chiang Rai trip over the weekend!